News for July 2012

News from Belize

Email from Lucilla Zetina, Resource Center Board President, Valley Community.

“We are doing very good in Belize. I am just writing to update you on the progress of our Center Project. For couple of days we were open for the community but it was very needed to have the partition done. Ms Blanca is still working on this project and is almost completed. This weekend we will be working on painting and organizing the library and toys section.

As soon as this is completed we will have our grand opening for the community. We are very excited working on this project but it”s a lot of expense and Ms Blanca is having a lot of work going on.”

Email from Eleanor Carillo, Preschool Education Officer, Orange Walk District

“Yesterday I was invited to a meeting at Nuevo San Juan. The committee was formed and they are now working on plans to fund raise to retrofit the building. It was nice to see the interest of those present. I am also happy to be part of this venture since the new strategy requires that I go into the communities and help parents to develop a stimulation center with preschool age children where no preschool is available. The materials you’ll be bringing will be very helpful and I am already in the process of gathering data on children at that level. I wish we could get some of those materials to all those communities without preschool.”

Follow up to Lucilla’s email

I have since received another email and they have opened their center and are starting a summer education program for the students. This is a great idea for involving the community in furthering educational opportunities and keeping students busy during the summer months.


The greatest need and challenge at this time is to find computers. We are looking for computers with XP operating systems. We will pick them up anywhere, anytime. If your school system has some we can make a request for them through Owens Community College. If we receive a computer with information on it we will erase it and download our own software. We also have repair capabilities, but do not want “junk”.


Click on: see the budget for 2012 – 2013 when we will be opening ten (10) centers, six (6) in Orange Walk District during our December mission and four (4) in Stann Creek/Cayo Districts during our summer mission.


During the month of June we received donations from:

  1. The Rotary Club of Toledo approved a grant of $6000.00 towards the 2012 – 2013 fiscal year. Last year the Rotary Club of Toledo gave a grant of $2000.00. Their generosity towards supporting the project is fantastic!
  2. The Rotaract club of Sylvania Southview High School conducted a drive to collect games, toys, books and VHS tapes.
  3. Another donation of $500.00, added to the $500.00 gift in December is another generous contribution from the Juarez family, who are continual supporters of the program.
  4. Another private donation of several hundred dollars worth of toys and games from Gail Odneal.
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