News for June 2014

News From Belize

Emails from preschools we supported during our last mission to Belize, and some from a school that hopefully we will be able to support in the future.


Jose Chan, Principal, Corozal Church of Christ

Thank you for your support here is Power Point from the Corozal Church of Christ Preschool you had donated us tables, toys and television for our early childhood education also sending items that the preschool usually uses. Thank you, hence if you return to Belize we would appreciate your assistance again – especially the PA system. May GOD richly bless your organization.


Gilgardo Arcurio, Our Lady of Fatima RC School

Mr. Honig,
Thanks once more to you and all those involved in assisting our school to get pre-school materials, books, computers and other important things. Children love the things and are making good use of them. We are happy to be recipients of such wonderful things. Also, thanks for sending us your monthly newsletter. May God bless you always. We are looking forward to meeting you again.

Kind regards,
Gilgardo Arcurio
Our Lady of Fatima R. C. School
Douglas Village
Orange Walk District, Belize

Elcedia Awe, Alta Vista

Mr. Mel Honig,
This is Elcedia Awe from Alta Vista, we met there this year when you donated an amount of things to the Village. Well, all is good about to get internet you know. I just wanted to know if you offer help to schools. I have in mind a school that you can check out when you come. This particular school excels in the top three in the country yet they lack class rooms, no computer room and a poor library. They lack everything from bookshelves to tables etc. Solid Rock Christian Academy in Dangriga. Next in mind is furniture for a lounge at Ecumenical Junior School in Dangriga. They also have only two computers for 300 students. Tell what you can do for them on December when you come. thanks a million

Mr. Mel I hope you got all my emails. I will be on national television tomorrow because my student won the national spelling bee. it is called open your eyes at six a.m. please let Solid Rock Preschool in Dangriga be one!

The above emails from Elcedia highlight the issues that most schools are facing in under-developed and developing nations. Dedicated teachers like Ms. Awe are greatly needed, as is the help we give. Hopefully we can help her school.

May/June Have Been Banner Months

Collections for missions to Jamaica and Belize have hit an all time high these past two months. We now have almost all the product we need for our next mission to Jamaica. We still have to purchase many items but we must wait for Grant Approval first.


Educational Equipment and Materials

Item Donor Expeditor Rotary Club of
Games & toys National Student Nurses Association Sharmeta Gibbon   Sylvania
Books & VHS Tapes Fisher Amber Amber Fisher   Elyria
Toys & Games Gail Odneal Mel Honig   Sylvania
Books Lourdes University Dariel Jacobs   Sylvania
Education Software Books, VHS tapes, TV, table Barbara Walters/Dariel Jacobs Dariel Jacobs   Sylvania
Computer/books etc Darline Clemens Darline Clemens   Defiance
Computers & Accessory equip Ohio State Univ., Marion Campus Dan Aquino/Dave Claborn   Marion
Books/VHS/Ed. Equip Students/Instructors Lourdes Univ Barbara Walters/Dariel Jacobs   Sylvania
Books Oberlin Library Melanie Satterfield   Oberlin
Books and tapes District Conference Joe Ludwig District Rotary Clubs
Computers Nemsys Blake Underwood/Helyn Bolanis Toledo
Computers Sound Pro Justin Marinoff   Sylvania
VHS Tapes Steve & Karin Marinoff Mel Honig   Sylvania
Toys & Games Elana Juarez Mel Honig   Sylvania
Computers N2Y/Dave Clark Dave Clark   Huron
TVs/VCRs/Speakers Chris Vogel Chris Vogel   Perrysburg
Boxes (for books) Stevens Worldwide David Best   Sylvania

Monitary Donations

Donator Amount
Rotary Club of Maumee $1000.00
Heinrich Foundation $1000.00


Item Source Cost
22 Boxes of Books/Tapes Friends of the Library $205.00
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