News for November 2011

…I am convinced that these children need to be exposed to English earlier in life. This becomes more and more prevalent every day that I visit the villages and teach in the schools and unless the directions are repeated in Spanish the kids are completely lost. This is a great project and I’m excited for the effects it will have in the villages with children and adults alike”.

Email from Max Roisinger,

Peace Corps Volunteer, Corozal District, Belize

Max giving the thumps up at a meeting in the community of Yo Chen

In Brief

October was a busy and eventful month; the equipment and supplies collected over the past year and stored in the MESA warehouse were shipped to Belize; we received monetary donations of almost $2000.00; and two Rotary Clubs have actively joined the project. The Bowling Green Rotary Club will be sponsoring our missions in fiscal year 2012, and the Avon Lake High School Interact Club sponsored by the Avon/Avon Lake Rotary Club will be collecting needed equipment and supplies. We have almost completely assembled our mission team for this December. We are just waiting on final approval from Owens Community College. Two churches one in Wayne, Pennsylvania and the other in Bryan, Ohio will be donating excess toys and games from their annual fundraiser.

Who Helped With What!

Mel Honig, Newsletter Editor

Putting together the needed equipment and supplies for this year’s missions took a great deal of effort from many individuals and organizations. Below is a list of contributors to this year’s missions:

Equipment and Supplies

Organization/Individual, Contact, Item(s)

Vermilion Schools Sid Jordan Computers, Printers

Vermilion Rotary

Owens Community College Andrew Timothy Tables, storage units

Sylvania Rotary Chairs

Dental Health Associates Tim Thetford Computers

Swanton Rotary

Sylvania Family Services Claire Proctor Tables

Sylvania Rotary

Perrysburg Schools Chris Vogel Computers

Perrysburg Rotary

Sam’s Club Chris Tierney Exercise Flooring, supplies

MESA Gary Davis Storage units, toys/games

North Baltimore & Bryan Rotaries

Catholic Diocese of Toledo Father Bob Haas Books and supplies

Galion Rotary

St David’s Episcopal Church Elana Honig Games and toys

Hebrew Academy Marjorie Siegel Televisions & VCRs

Sylvania Recreation Corp Tom Cline Sport Equipment

Sylvania Rotary

Jerry Peacock Waterville Rotary VHS Tapes

Judy Riggle Oberlin Rotary Games and supplies

Emily McManns Findlay Rotaract Supplies

Dental Group West Richard Thomas Televisions

Financial Contributions


Findlay Noon Rotary Club

Toledo Rotary Club

District 6600 Simplified Grant

Home Depot


Jeff Gast

Heinrich Family Trust

Mel Honig

Hunter Living Trust

Balthazar Juarez

If your club or organization would be interested in learning more about Resource Centers International please contact:
Mel Honig
419 843 4459 (h)
568 686 3406 (c)

We will be glad to give a presentation to your organization! Our next presentation is at the North Baltimore Rotary Club.

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