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Resource Centers International: Growing to Serve Communities Around the World

Resource Centers International (RCI) is entering its fourth year with plans for the future that includes expanding into one and hopefully two Rotary International (RI) Districts in the next fiscal year. Future Vision becomes a reality in all RI Districts on July 1, 2013 and we in RCI want to be ready to take advantage of RI’s new incentives that encourage all Rotary Clubs to provide ‘Service Above Self’.

Our first area of interest is RI District 7020. This District encompasses ten Caribbean countries, each one with a unique culture and history. The country that we are initially interested in is Jamaica because it is English speaking, close to the United States, has many rural communities and a larger population compared to Belize (2,500,000 vs. 400,000).

With the help of the Toledo Jamaican community, we contacted Nerissa Brown, a Primary School Principal in Jamaica. She in turn put me in contact with Christine Green, Assistant District Governor for Rotary International District 7020. Ms. Christine has been contacting the Rotary Clubs of Jamaica and says that two are interested… but they need to know more before they commit. We are sure it will take one or maybe two trips to Jamaica before we can implement any plan.

Our second area of interest is Rotary International District 3160 in southern India. Our Graduate Study Exchange (GSE) this year is with this District. The exchange may provide fertile ground for an exchange of ideas on the possibility of implementing a Resource Center program in India.

The third area to explore for RCI is in the Americas, but in a non-English speaking country. By operating in a non-English locale, RCI will be faced with a whole new set of problems and issues, but if RCI is to grow then we need to face these challenges.


Future planning will be to

    use the Future Vision Rotary International Foundation funding model

  • involve Rotary Districts worldwide in implementation,
  • continue to stress that the strength of a nation rests with an educated population that looks to the future with optimism and not despair.


To help meet our future needs we need volunteers, not only to act as Country Project Managers, but also collect be part of mission teams. If interested please contact Mel Honig,

Mel Honig, Newsletter Editor

In Brief

This summer has been very active for RCI. It is a time when we are not only collecting equipment and supplies but also recruiting for our 2012/ 2013 missions to Belize. Two Rotarians have accepted the call; Judy Riggle (Rotary Club of Oberlin) will be participating in her fourth mission, while Jane Heringhaus (Rotary Club of Ottawa-Glandorf) will be going on her first mission. Jane is a retired kindergarten teacher. Going on his fourth mission will be Justin Kendall, our computer expert, electrician and webmaster. Eleanor Carillo, Brenton Gongora and Loyden Bejerano (second mission) will be representing Belizeans who will participate in the December mission. If you would like to join the team please contact Mel Honig, Project Manager:

RCI will be expanding in fiscal year 2013-2014. We have a very ambitious plan for the future and you can participate.



  • District Simplified Grant $2000.00
  • Audrey Nagelberg 500.00
  • Rotary Club of Toledo 6000.00
  • Home Depot 80.00

Equipment & Supplies

  • Elana Honig VHS tapes, toys and games
  • Natasha Romanova Toys and games
  • Gail Odneal Toys and games
  • Sylvania Public Library Toys and games
  • University of Toledo Furniture & Electronics
  • Friends of the Library Books and VHS tapes
  • Huntington Bank School supplies
  • David Best Computers
  • Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Computers
  • Sam’s Club Exercise Flooring sold at cost


Rotary Club of Sandusky
Rotary Club of Maumee
Rotary Club of Toledo

News from Belize

Email from Max Roisinger

(Peace Corps Volunteer, Copper Bank)

“We had a great inauguration of the Copper Bank Library last week. The entire community came out. As you can see we had a bit of rain early in the day (hurricane season) but it turned out to be a great day. I have included photos of our first project of the Young Entrepreneurs Club where the kids have planted an herb garden in a hoop house, will track the progress and make adjustments with the older farmers before planting and ultimately sell the herbs locally and track their profit on the computers.

You both were thanked many times by both community members and the National Library Service.

Looking forward to your return.

Excerpts from an email from Brenton Gongora

(St Mathews Primary School Teacher, Stann Creek District)

“Good Day,
Yesterday I resigned from my position in the Southern Association of Anglican Teachers as the President of the Association. I believe that my efforts will have a greater effect working closer with the “Resource Center International Team.” I vision where many lives can be touched and transformed through this organization…
…I see where my humanitarian efforts can make a difference in Belize…
I would really like to be part of the projects all over Belize. Presently, I am freeing up myself from all other organization so I can focus on one grand project. I strongly believe in Resource Center International. I know it will make a difference in Belize.

Brenton Gongora

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