News for February 2011

In Brief

January has been another busy and productive month for Resource Centers International.

  • Four Mayan communities have been ‘adopted’ by the Findlay Rotary
  • With great appreciation donations were accepted from
    • Lima Rotary Club 12 computers
    • Findlay Rotary Club $2000.00
    • Oberlin Rotary Club $ 250.00
    • MESA shipping subsidy $1000.00
    • Home Depot $ 50.00
    • Sam’s Club 1000 sq ft of exercise flooring sold to RCI at cost.
    • Private donations $ 225.00
  • Presentations were given to the Bellevue and Findlay Rotary Clubs
  • All the equipment and supplies for the March mission were shipped to Belize and will arrive on or about February 5th.
  • The March mission team is set and ready to start work. Continue reading