Past Missions

Mission 12: April 29, 2019, Corozal


  • San Antonio
  • Buena Vista
  • Christiline Gill
  • Concepcion Pres.
  • Concepcion RC
  • Calcutta Government
  • Chan Chen
  • Christian Assemblies
  • Libertad Methodist
  • Louisville RC
  • Ranchito Government
  • San Pedro Government
  • St Paul Anglican
  • Xaibe RC
  • Chunox RC
  • Copper Bank
  • Corozal Nazarene
  • Paraiso Government
  • Progresso RC
  • Sarteneja Nazarene
  • Progresso Rising Star


Missioners Rotary Club of
Mel Honig Sylvania
Kent Iler Elyria
Greg Fess Toledo
Karen Marinoff
Staci Iler
Sarah Iler
Sydney Iler
Anirdy Cruz
Loreta Randall

Cooperating Rotary Clubs

  • Sylvania
  • Perrysburg
  • Elyria
  • Corozal

Mission 11: December 2018, Stann Creek, Toledo, Belize Districts


  • Gales Point Government School
  • Evershine Preschool
  • Santa Cruz Government School
  • Our Lady of Bella Vista RC School
  • Sacred Heart R.C. School
  • St. Mathews Anglican School
  • Benguche Government Pre-School
  • Holy Angels RC School
  • Peninsula International Academy
  • Red Bank Christian
  • San Juan Bosco RC
  • St Alphonsus
  • Holy Family (application on PDF)
  • Light of the Valley Baptist
  • St. John’s Memorial School
  • St Stephen’s Anglican
  • San Isidro
  • Pomona Hope
  • Silk Grass Methodist School

Schools that received some educational materials

  • Epworth Methodist
  • United Community
  • Mullins River School
Missioners Rotary Club of
Mel Honig Sylvania
Will Mosby One E World
Judy Williams Dangriga/Hopkins
Elcedia Awe
Mario Bull

Cooperating Rotary Clubs

  • Sylvania
  • Elyria
  • Perrysburg
  • E-Club of One World
  • Dangriga/Hopkins
  • Placencia
  • Sunrise
  • Belize City

Mission 10: February 2018, Toledo District


  • Sunday Wood R.C.
  • Crique Sarco Sacred Heart R.C.
  • San Miguel R.C.
  • Santa Teresa R.C
  • Living Word Government
  • Medina Bank Government
  • St. Joseph Barranco R.C.
  • St. Phillip R.C.
  • Mafredi Methodist
  • Santa Elena R.C.
  • Santa Cruz R.C.
  • San Vicente R.C.
  • San Lucas R.C.
  • Na Luum Ca Government
  • Aguacate
  • Silver Creek
  • Pueblo Viejo
  • Jalacte
  • Santa Ana
  • Mabil Ha
  • San Felipe
  • Seremei Lorna Morgan
  • S.B. Daniels Adult Education Centre
Missioners Rotary Club of
Mel Honig Sylvania
Kent Iler Elyria
Jo Audinett Punta Gorda

Cooperating Rotary Clubs

  • Waterville
  • Punta Gorda

Mission 9: March 2016, Toledo District


  • Tiny Tots Adventist School
  • Big Falls RC Preschool
  • Blue Creek Preschool
  • Forest Home Methodist
  • Golden Star Preschool
  • Happy Home Methodist
  • Little Haven Preschool
  • Little Paradise Preschool
  • Midway Government Preschool
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Preschool
  • Peter Claver Preschool
  • Progressive Early Learning Ctr.
  • San Antonio Christian Preschool
  • St Benedict Primary
  • San Benito Poite R.C School
  • San Jose RC Preschool
  • San Pedro Columbia Preschool
  • St. Joseph Anglican Preschool
  • Sunshine Preschool
Missioners Rotary Club of
Amber Fisher Elyria
Kent Iler Elyria
Robin Kaufman Elyria
Mel Honig Sylvania
Jo Audinett Punta Gorda
Tori Fisher
Neal Kaufman
Marlin Bull
Elcedia Awe

Cooperating Rotary Clubs

  • Elyria
  • Punta Gorda

Mission 8: April 2015, Stann Creek/Toledo Districts


  • United Community
  • Maya Mopan
  • Solid Rock
  • Epworth Methodist
  • Holy Ghost
  • Hope Creek
  • Zion Adventist
  • San Isidro
  • Trio
Missioners Rotary Club
Mel Honig Sylvania
Kent Iler Elyria
Staci Iler
Scott Iler

Cooperating Rotary Clubs

  • Sandusky
  • Huron
  • Bowling Green
  • Dangriga
  • Orange Walk

Seventh Mission; March 2014

San Pablo
Douglas DC
Santa Martha
Santa Cruz
Indian Church
Chapel School
San Carlos
San Antonio
Church of Christ
Corozal Community College
Bullet Tree Falls
Missioner Rotary Club of…
Amber Fisher Elyria
Kent Iler Elyria
Mel Honig Sylvania
Tory Fisher
Carmen Carillo
Byron Sanchez
Cooperating Rotary Clubs
Oak Harbor
North Baltimore
Reynolds Corners

Sixth Mission; December 2012

Resource Center
Missioners Cooperating
August Pine Ridge Jane Heringhaus
(Ottawa/Glandorf Rotarian)
Orange Walk
Carmelita Elana Honig Toledo
Nuevo San Juan Mel Honig (Sylvania Rotarian) MESA
Palmar San Juan Justin Kendall
San Estevan Judy Riggle (Oberlin Rotarian)
San Felipe
San Lazaro
San Luis


Fifth Mission; May 2012

Stann Creek District was targeted for Mission 5. All three centers were located along the Hummingbird Highway in the citrus growing area of Belize. One of the communities, Alta Vista does not even have their own primary school. Their children are bused to Pomona. The third center was placed in Valley Community.
This was the first mission where Belizeans took responsibility for much of the training. Only two Mission team members came down from the United States, Mel Honig and Dan McCormick (third mission).

Resource Center
Missioners Cooperating
Alta Vista Loyden Bejerano Belmopan
Pomona Mel Honig (Sylvania Rotarian) MESA
Valley Community Danny McCormick

Fourth Mission; December 2011

This was our most ambitious mission to date opening six centers in the Corozal District. Three of the centers were located in the fishing villages of Progresso, Chunox and Copper Bank, while the other three were San Pedro, Calcutta and Yo Chen.
During this mission we received a great deal of support from the Rotary Club of Corozal who not only supplied us with a mission team member, but also a vehicle which we needed because of the great distance between sites.
This was third mission to Belize for Judy Riggle, Justin Kendall and Elana Honig, and the fourth for mission team leader Mel Honig.

Resource Center
Missioners Cooperating
Calcutta Jim Bolthouse (Corozal Rotarian) Corozal
Chunox Elana Honig MESA
Copper Bank Mel Honig Belmopan
Progresso Justin Kendall
San Pedro Bea Gail Mukurazhizha
Yo Chen Tiri Mukurazhizha
Judy Riggle (Oberlin

Third Mission; March 2011

The third mission was completed in the Toledo District communities of San Felipe, Santa Anna, Silver Creek and San Miguel.  Each of these communities shares a common Mayan tradition.  All the previous missions were in communities that have a Latino tradition, except Armenia, a Latino community with a large Mayan population.

The mission consisted of a nine member project team that completed the four centers in eight days.  With each succeeding project we are becoming more efficient without sacrificing quality of effort or results.  The fantastic support from the communities was certainly a contributing factor to the success of the mission.

Resource Center Sites Missioners Cooperating Rotaries
San Felipe Kara Elling Findlay
San Miguel Mel Honig (Sylvania Rotarian) Belmopan
Santa Anna Justin Kendall MESA
Silver Creek Danny McCormick Interact Club of
Findlay Univ.
Emily McMains
Jeanne Rustic
Bob Rustic (Findlay Noon
Susan Schafer (Sylvania

Changes Prior to Second Mission

Resource Centers International requested and became a project under the auspices of the District 6600 under the supervision of MESA after the conclusion of the first mission.  Presentations were given to numerous Rotary Clubs in District 6600 to gain their involvement and financial support.  To date 6 Rotary Clubs in Rotary International District 6600 and two in Belize have lent significant support to the mission as has MESA the 501.3.c. International arm of District 6600.

Second Mission; December 2010

The second December 2010 mission was completed in the Spanish Lookout area of the Cayo District.  Centers were established in the communities of Billy White, Duck Run 1, Bullet Tree Falls and Duck Run 3.  The second project was completed in 12 days by a seven member team representing four Rotary Clubs.

The three previous sites were visited.  They were still functioning as centers of learning. Four new sites were chosen in the Toledo District for the March 2011 mission.

One team member was a health professional who gave health presentations to five of the sites.  The primary interest at all sites was information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Although visited the Salvapan site on the University of Belize campus was closed for the Christmas holiday and did not receive a health presentation.

Not all of the objectives of the mission were met.  One of the sites (Bullet Tree Falls) was only interested in books and computers and did not start a mother-child preschool program.  The other three sites embraced all aspects of the program.

Resource Center Sites Missioners Cooperating Rotaries
Bullet Tree Falls Jeff Gast (Lima Rotary) MESA
Duck Run 1 David Gonzalez (Belmopan Rotary) Belmopan
Duck Run 3 Elana Honig
Billy White Mel Honig (Sylvania Rotarian)
Jasmine Martinez
Gail Odneal
Judy Riggle (Oberlin Rotary)

First Mission; February – March 2010

Under the auspices of the Sylvania Rotary, seven project team members spent from seven to 14 days in Belize working on establishing the first three Resource Center sites in under-developed villages in Belize.  The work involved:

  • modifying each site so that it was appropriate for its intended purpose
  • insuring that each site had a local committee established, with a Director who was directly responsible for the functioning of the site
  • training community members who would be responsible for presenting and  teaching programs at the center
  • writing an operational plan for each site
  • Identifying communities that would like to have centers developed for them in the future.

The above work was accomplished through the help and coordination of many different people and entities.  At the end of the two week work project, centers were established and operational in the three initial communities.  Three additional communities were chosen for future projects.

All aspects of the mission objectives were met for this project.

Resource Center
Missioners Cooperating
St Margarets Toni Gonzalez Sylvania
Salvapan Elana Honig Belmopan
Armenia Mel Honig
Justin Kendall
Dan McCormick
Judy Riggle (Oberlin Rotary)
Akrum Youssef


  • Robert Rustic: Findlay Rotary Club and advisor to the University of Findlay Rotaract Club
  • Susan Schafer: Sylvania Rotary Club and Branch Manager of the Sylvania Public Library
  • Mel Honig: Sylvania Rotary Club and project manager


  • Kara Elling: University of Findlay
  • Emily McMains: University of Findlay


  • Jeanne Rustic: Trainer and advisor
  • Susan Honig: Occupational Therapist, Mt Sinai Hospital
  • Justin Kendall: Owens Community College; Project Engineer
  • Danny McCormick: Owens Community College

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