News for April-May 2015

BELIZE MISSION 8 April-May 2015

The Rotary Team of Mel Honig, Kent, Stacey and Scott Iler just returned from their mission trip to Belize. Seventeen (17) resource centers were set up in primary schools in four of the Districts of Belize.

It is estimated that approximately 7000 students will benefit from the resource centers placed in schools during this mission. A listing of the schools served follows after the photos.

The Mission in Pictures


List of schools served

District School Principal
Stann Creek United Community Primary Anthony Zuniga
Maya Mopan Ewart Caballero
Solid Rock Elcedia Awe
Epworth Methodist Gilda Wagner
Holy Ghost Juliette Williams
Hope Creek Methodist Gladys Jackson
Zion Adventist Emilia Montejo
Toledo San Isidro Anselma Woolery
Trio Adon Marcelo Arzu
Corozal Patchakan Catholic Teobalda Ruiz
Lady of Guadalupe Emmanuel Gonzalez
Louisville RC Ruth Coba
Assemblies of God Jesus Catzim
Orange Walk Trial Farm Nazira Romero
San Estevan Leticia Perez
San Lazaro Pedro A. Sanchez
Guinea Grass RC Crecencio Cocom

The following schools that received resource centers on previous missions were visited and the educational software programs were installed on their computers

  • Nuevo San Juan
  • Douglas

Donations of Equipment were given to the following

  • Corozal Community College
  • Orange Walk Library
  • Orange Walk Northern Regional Hospital


Educational Equipment and Materials

Two drives were conducted at the Mercy College of Ohio (Toledo, Ohio). One by the American Assembly of Men in Nursing (AAMN) and the other by the 330 Nursing classes taught by Sharmeta Gibbon and Carla Gonyer. The advisors for the AAMN are Bobbi Pratte and Kate Cook with the President being Eric Hewitt. Collected were games, toys, books, games and video tapes.

Item Donor Expeditor Rotary Club of
Books Janice & George Costaras George Costaras Elyria Sunrise
Television Denise Kohler Gail Odneal


Donor Amount
Patricia Iler $2000.00

Belize Mission Expenses

Item Cost
Container Shipment $4320.76
Guatemala and Port Expenses 1533.53
Belize Warehouse Rental 100.00
In Country Travel (car rental & gas) 502.00*
Educational Materials & Headphones 477.82**
Flooring 521.70
Hardware 24.01
Total Mission Cost $7479.82***
Cost per location (schools, hospital etc.) served $360.00 
*$200 of cost was to pay for diesel to get product from Orange Walk to Stann Creek
** Does not include cost of books purchased from the Friends of the Library prior to January 2015.
***Does not include the personal expenses of the four missioners.


Mission 2 to Jamaica is still in progress. The RCI/MESA container was released to the Rotary Club of Savanna-La-Mar during the first week of April. Everything was placed in two donated containers and is currently being distributed under the direction of Hilda Hibbert, the Jamaica Project Coordinator. Please look for our final report in next month’s Newsletter, as the mission should be completed by then.