News for July 2014

Collecting Books and Video Tapes

Books are the backbone on any resource center; therefore a great deal of the efforts at RCI is in their collection. RCI recently received a major donation of books. This article focuses on the books we collect and their importance in helping to develop young minds.

Why is reading important? Here are some reasons why we send books to schools that lack this resource: Reading…

  1. Exercises the mind and opens new learning pathways in the brain;
  2. Improves concentration and focus;
  3. Introduces children to the world
    1. learning about facts, ideas, and ways of life;
    2. and being presented with opposing viewpoints and ideas;
  4. Improves vocabulary and language skills;
  5. Develops imagination and empathy;
  6. Children who read do better at school;
  7. Provides a source of entertainment… learning and developing the mind while filling time;
  8. Is a relaxing and calming influence.

For all of the above reasons reading is exceedingly valuable to the overall development and education of a child.

Lourdes University

Last year Lourdes University made the decision to close the Franciscan Academy, a school that served children in grades preschool through 8. The school building will be repurposed to support the growing needs of Lourdes University. The Franciscan Academy not only had a complete library, but also thousands of up to date textbooks. RCI was awarded the privilege of selecting all the books they could use from this vast collection. The end result was that we collected 83 boxes of books, most of them from the library, but also some text books that could be used for their resource value.

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Pictured here are Carlo Gibellato and Pat Mousseau, Sylvania Rotarians who helped go through all the books, selecting those we wanted to send to Jamaica and Belize. Also helping to select and box books, but not pictured, are Sylvania Rotarians Doug Welch and Andrew Timothy. I also recruited my wife Gail Odneal to help in the two day process.

June 14_html_m6de3df3a

These are some of the resource books that were stored in another room. Now that we had all these books where were we going to store them? Our MESA warehouse is overcrowded with no room to spare. RCI was then saved by Sylvania Rotarian David Best who gave us storage room at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines.

June 14_html_m2c566d22

Shown here are boxes of books in their new home at Stevens. Since this picture was taken 30 computer towers have been added, additional boxes of books purchased from the Friends of the Library and some donated games and toys. MESA is actively looking for a larger warehouse. When we find one all the RCI product will be stored at MESA warehouse.

Friends of the Library (FOL)

Most of our books and video tapes come from Friends of the Library (FOL) in Lucas County, Ohio. They have a book sale to the general public every other month. RCI has been granted the privilege by the FOL director, Margie Levy to come in after the sale and purchase books and video tapes at $10.00 a box. Many times the FOL also donates excess books or sells them at a reduced rate.

June 14_html_7808350d

Volunteers help sort books that are constantly donated from many different sources. The staff is only too happy to see these books being once again read and reread by young people wherever they may live.

June 14_html_m421516dd

Gail Odneal shown here selecting video tapes for RCI. On average we buy about 12 boxes of books and tapes every two months at the Toledo FOL location. Many times the FOL has donated excess books to RCI

Books 4 Buddies

Significant quantities of books are also being donated by Books 4 Buddies. Started by Laneta Goings, Books for Buddies is a literacy campaign targeting underprivileged youth… especially boys. Books that are not being used in her program are being passed onto RCI for distribution in the Resource Centers we are developing in schools in Jamaica and Belize. Last year Books 4 Buddies donated thousands of books and pamphlets.

Rotaract Clubs of District 6600

Each year we receive significant donations of books, toy, games and VHS tapes from our District Rotaract Clubs. Rotaract Clubs who have participated are Brookfield High School (Avon/Avon Lake), Edison High School (Milan) Northview High School (Sylvania) and Southview High School (Sylvania).

Rotary Clubs of District 6600

Each year RCI receives thousands of books from our District Rotary Clubs. Books are collected year round at District Conference; District Assembly; World Community Workshop; some are delivered to the warehouse, or even picked up at locations throughout the District. Thank you Rotary!!!


Educational Equipment and Materials

Item Donor Expeditor Rotary Club of
Computers Van Crest Eric Burke/Andrew Czajkowski Van Wert
Computers Ohio Gas Cindy Reed Bryan
Computers David Sterna Jeremy Watson Amherst
83 boxes of books Lourdes Univ. Rachel Kerlin/David Best Sylvania
Toys and games Lourdes Univ. Rachel Kerlin/David Best Sylvania
Computers/books/VHS tapes Avon/Avon Lake Doug Maurer Avon/Avon Lake
Computers Nemsys Blake Underwood/Helyn Bolanis Toledo
Warehouse space Stevens David Best Sylvania
Games & Toys Natasha Romanova Mel Honig Sylvania
Games & Toys Gail Odneal Mel Honig Sylvania
Donations Amount
Your financial donation could be here next month


Item Source Cost
Books & VHS tapes Friends of the Library $60.00