News for Winter 2018

MISSION 10, TOLEDO DISTRICT BELIZE - January 28 - February 9, 2018

There were two objectives for Mission 10 to accomplish: one has been completed and that is opening 18 resource centers in pre and primary schools of Toledo District, Belize. We more than met this commitment thanks to the work of the Rotary Club of Punta Gorda, The Ministry of Education and the Rotarians of District 6600. Not everything went as planned so please read the below article 'Mission in Pictures' for the details.

The second part of the mission was to develop a promotional video. This is still a work in process as we have as we interviewed more than 30 individuals: administrators, principals, teachers and students. We also had a drone take pictures of nearly all the schools and communities we visited: the site we stored the distributed educational materials: the town of Punta Gorda: and Davis Falls... the second highest falls in Belize. The promotional video will be placed on YouTube once it is completed. We also plan to post many of the other videos on YouTube.

There is also a discussion about the electrical problem at the St Joseph's RC School. When we passed this information onto Bob Farley of the Belize Training Center, he sent his electrician to Barranco to evaluate the problem. The work to restore electrical service to the school is already well under way.

Mission In Pictures

When the mission team got to our storage location in Belize, the Belize Training Center we realized we had a problem. Upon review of the applications, one thing not on the applications was 'Do you have a reliable electrical supply'? Over half of the chosen community schools did not. Many of the schools also were one or two room classroom schools with student populations as small as 15.

Knowing we had extra computers, televisions, VCRS with tapes and books we decided to distribute everything according to need and capability... then inventory what was left over and go from there. The original plan was support 18 resource centers. In the end we did 22 schools, 2 after school programs (one for adults and the other for children) and still had enough to give a significant amount of educational equipment to a school program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Toledo Office.

We visited and set up centers at every school but two. In two we missed the roads were impassable. The rainy season ends around this time of year but during the 11 day mission we maybe had 20 hours of sunshine with clouds and rain being the norm. As we drove the back roads more than once we would stop to evaluate our prospects of getting to the other side of the washed out road. We made it every time but a less cautious group might not have even tried as we slipped and slid to 'terra firma' on the other side.

We are always looking for volunteers to be part of the mission process. Each mission we have not only volunteers from District 6600 but Belizean educators and Rotarians participating. If you would like to become part of the process please contact: Mel Honig, Project Coordinator: email

We are always in need of donations of educational materials.  Our number one priority is obtaining computers.  If you or your company has computers that can be repurposed once again contact Mel Honig.

List of Schools That Were Served

Sunday Wood R.C.
Crique Sarco Sacred Heart R.C. 634-2719
San Miguel R.C. 636 6902
Santa Teresa R.C. 653 4931/632-4958
Living Word Government Boom Creek
Medina Bank Government 665 4384
St. Joseph Barranco R.C. 608 9165
St. Phillip R.C. 629 6594
Mafredi Methodist 608 0709
Santa Elena R.C. 654-6158
Santa Cruz R.C. 634 1027
San Vicente R.C. 604 7205
San Lucas R.C.
Na Luum Ca Government 6611719
Aguacate Louis Cucul
Silver Creek Luis Cal
Pueblo Viejo Stephen Sho
Jalacte Omar Requena
Santa Ana Augustin Lara
Mabil Ha Primo Tush
San Felipe Everaldo Garcia
Corazon Creek Julio Kal
Seremei Chapel & Retreat Center Lorna Morgan
S.B. Daniels Adult Education Centre Andre
Ministry of Education: Toledo Office Neisha Williams:


Educational Materials

Item Donor Expeditor Rotary Club of
Games and toys Elana Honig Mel Honig Sylvania
Games and toys Natasha Romanova Mel Honig Sylvania
Books Liberty Center School Jon Kundo Napoleon
Computers Thomas Reed Thomas Reed Bryan
Computers Kent Iler Kent Iler Elyria


Donor Amount
Balt Juarez $1500


  • Rotary Club of Napoleon
  • Rotary Club of Bryan

If you would like to have a presentation at your Rotary Club or organization please contact Mel Honig: