rotaryResource Centers International (RCI) is a project of Rotary International District 6600. The project is designed to provide materials that will help students, ages 3 through 8, be better prepared for the primary school curriculum. This is accomplished by donating the educational materials necessary to establish a Resource Center in your school.

On this page is an online application for you to complete in order to be eligible for the program.  You will also agree to complete 3 brief online questionnaires 6, 12 and 18 months after completion of your school’s resource center.

List of available supplies:

  • Computers loaded with educational software
  • Children’s books and bookshelves
  • Tables and chairs for the computer station
  • Television set with VHS machine and children’s tapes
  • Games, toys and sporting equipment
  • Exercise mats
  • Overhead projectors
  • Art/craft supplies

These items will be donated to your school for the use of your infant student body.  A Rotarian Mission Team will help you set up/install the donated equipment soon after it is picked up at the distribution site. By accepting the donated equipment and supplies you agree to maintain and use them for the benefit of your school’s student body.

Application for Educational Equipment

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How many working computers do you have for students ages 3 to 8?

What year did your school begin using computers? (optional)

Children’s books:

How many books do you have for students ages 3 to 8?

 We need bookshelves


 We need a television We need a VHS player We need children's tapes We need an overhead projector

Activities and equipment:

 We need mats for indoor activities.

How many toys and games do you have for students ages 3 to 8?

How much sports equipment do you have for students ages 3 to 8?

 We have an outdoor playground. We have a football field. We have a basketball court.


Please describe any other education needs that you have.

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