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New Warehouse for MESA

By Mel Honig, Newsletter Editor


On Thursday, October 30, 2014 MESA closed on the purchase of their new warehouse. A committee was formed over a year ago to locate a permanent location to store the equipment and supplies MESA collects. This move was prompted by plans of the owner to sell the currently occupied facility. MESA was paying rent at well below market rates. If the building was sold this advantage would most likely vanish. The following requirements were set for the purchase of a warehouse;

  1. A budget of no more than $250,000
  2. Minimum warehouse storage space of 18,000′
  3. Office space was desirable but not essential
  4. Centrally located
  5. Low maintenance and operational expenses
  6. Income revenue a plus but not essential


Over 14 months ago MESA formed a committee to locate a facility that met the above criteria. The committee members were:

  • Gary Davis, North Baltimore
  • Jim Heinrich, St Marys
  • Mel Honig, Sylvania
  • Jerry Peacock, Waterville
  • Bob Vincent, Bowling Green, and
  • Bob Dinard, Toledo

At a later date the following Rotarians were added to the committee:

  • John Kurfess, Perrysburg
  • Lynn Child, Findlay
  • Ron Stoner, Bowling Green

During the search period numerous sites were investigated including our current location, as well as the possibility of building a new warehouse. The search included one building offered as a donation; another facility was bid on but we were outbid; and others that the committee felt were unsuitable because they did not meet one or more or our criteria. Each committee member had a specific responsibility and it is only through the efforts of everyone that we were successful in the end.


The address of the warehouse is 1370 North Main Street, Fostoria. The warehouse is actually two buildings that are connected by an enclosed causeway. The North building is approximately 10,000′ and the South, 13,000′. Each building has office space and bathrooms. The construction of each building is steel, concrete block and aluminum. The roof is rubber and in relatively good condition as are both buildings.

The cost of the warehouse came in well under budget… $70,000. The tax value of the two buildings is over $260,000. Unfortunately neither of the buildings has a loading dock so a portable dock is being purchased. A construction company has also been retained to ensure the building is secure by repairing and/or replacing overhead doors, roof repair and other minor updates to make the warehouse 100% usable. The cost of the portable dock, repairs and updates and any possible unknowns is estimated to be about $30,000. Closing costs and a Phase 1 Environmental Inspection added another approximate $3000 to the costs. At a later date MESA will look into the possibility of adding a loading dock.

Moving In

MESA is now faced with the task of:

  1. Raising approximately $120,000 to cover initial costs plus a reserve for improvements
  2. Insuring all utilities are functional (electric, water, gas fired furnaces, phone, internet)
  3. Cleaning up the outside spaces
  4. Cleaning the interior to include all the office spaces and bathrooms
  5. Having all improvements completed prior to moving in
  6. Moving day(s). Currently product is stored in two locations. Stevens Worldwide has already volunteered to move product from their facility in Toledo to the new warehouse. Help will be needed to move everything else from the current MESA warehouse in Findlay to the Fostoria warehouse.
  7. Getting volunteers to help with all the work.

If you would like to help Gary Davis, our Director of Operations and Logistics, is the person to contact: 419-348-7719 (c); MESA E-Mail:

North Building

North Building

South Building

South Building



The Importance of Play

By Mel Honig, Newsletter Editor

The mission of Resource Centers International (RCI) is to establish Resource Centers in Infant and Preschools and libraries in communities that lack basic resources. One of the less obvious, but just an important aspect of the program is to supply communities with games and toys. This article refers to several articles and studies about the importance of play in the early development of children. The articles/studies are divided into two groups:

  1. importance of play, and
  2. Issues when there is a lack of play.

Rather than try to summarize their results, please click on at least one article from each category. I think you will find the reading interesting and informative.

Three (3) of District 6600 Interact Clubs have agreed to conduct drives to collect games, toys, children’s books, sporting equipment and VHS tapes this year. RCI tries to involve the youth of our communities in the collection of games and toys because often times this age group does not realize the importance of play and how it directly affects their physical, social, emotional and mental development.

The three Interact Clubs conducting drives are Brookside High School (Avon/Avon Lake); Northview High School (Sylvania) and Southview High School (Sylvania). If your Rotary Club is sponsoring an Interact Club and would like to conduct an International project of collecting games, toys, books, etc.; please contact Mel Honig,

Articles About the Importance of Play

  1. Why is Play Important? Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Creative Development–social-emotional/
  2. Play and Children’s Learning
  3. The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Development

Articles About the Effects of Lack of Play

  1. The Decline of Play and the Rise of Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents
  2. Lack of play hurting child development, especially in poor countries
  3. A lack of natural play in early childhood could be the cause of ADHD


Educational Equipment and Materials

Item Donor Expeditor Rotary Club of
Monitors & Computer Accessories Galon Tacacs David Best Sylvania
Two Truckloads of toys & games St David’s Church Elana Juarez Sylvania/Mel Honig
Children’s VHS tapes Luisa Heimburger West Shore*
Games & toys Roberta Pratt Gail Odneal
Laptop computers Elyria Hospital Amber Fisher Elyria
Computers & TVs Postal Museum Gary Levitt Delphos

*District 6630 (Cleveland area)


Leah & Steven Aquilani $20


Item Source Cost
Tables/chairs/TVs/VHS/shelving Findlay School Auction $200.50


  • Rotary Clubs of
    • Ottawa Glandorf
    • Delphos
  • Interact Club of
    • Brookside High School
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